EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]

Mode 2 / Type 2 (IEC62196) Charging Station

Adjustable Current: 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32A

400V AC (3-phase), max 22 kW 

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EVR3 Type 2 allows for the secure charging of your electric car wherever a CEE industrial/domestic outlet is available.

The EV portable charging station fully conforms to Mode 2 of the International Standard IEC 61851-1. This means that the charging is completely safe for both the batteries and the people using the station.

This model fits easily in the vehicle’s trunk and includes a fixed cable with a Type 2 (IEC 62196) connector that is directly inserted into the electric car, so that there’s no need for other cables.

One of the most important EVR3's characteristic is that the charging current is adjustable: 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A, 24A, 28A, 32A. Thus, the risk of overcharging is reduced and the battery’s life is extended. In addition, for those with restricted power from their electric meter, a lower current can easily be selected to limit power consumption.

The following table shows the power consumption (kW) for each level of selected current (A):

EVR3 is a three-phase charging station when plugged to a 400V industrial CEE socket (red); if plugged to a 230V industrial CEE (blue) or domestic socket with an adapter, EVR3 will charge your EV like any monophase charging cable.

The EVR3 control-box incorporates many protection devices: RCCB (residual current circuit breaker), temperature management that interrupts charging if temperatures are too high, self-test before the start of every charging operation, PWM circuit.

EVR3 is convenient to use where the car is charged on a daily basis, but it’s also the ideal charging solution in locations other than one’s home (for example, at the homes of family and friends, vacation properties, work places, etc.).

EVR3 guarantees the maximum safety for electrical systems and people (in comparison with the common Schuko, the industrial connector has been designed and built to be strong and suitable for substantial power over many hours).


This product is the best choice to charge these electric cars:

Data sheet
Charging Mode Mode 2 - IEC61851
Adjustable Charging Current 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 Amp
Voltage 400V (3-phase)
Max. Charging Power Up to 22 kW
Charging Coupler (Vehicle Side) Type 2 / IEC62196 - VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2
Wall Plug IEC60309 CEE 3p+N+PE 32amp
Integrated Protection RCCB circuit breaker, Automatic temperature control, Automatic self-test before the start of every charging session
Cable length (Vehicle Side) 7,5 m
Cable length (Wall Side) 0,3 m
Weight 5,50 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 200 x 120 x 90 mm
LED Indication Charging Status, Charging Current, Fault Indication
Operating Temperature - 25 °C ... + 40 °C
Degree of Protection IP44 (water resistant)
By (Rodelle, France) on 06 March 2019 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

elpa mono/tri

vraiment parfait je conseille fortement

By (Gottmadingen, Germany) on 21 Dec. 2018 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

In der Garage laden

Das EVR3 funktioniert sehr gut.
Keine Probleme mit selbst gebauten Schuko-Adapter oder Euro16-Adaptern.
Damit völlig fexibel selbst auf Reisen.

By (Neuwied, Germany) on 12 Nov. 2017 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

EVR3 - Typ 2

Gute Qualität, schneller Versand, hilfsbereite Hotline - also 5 Sterne

By (Vendargues, France) on 04 Apr. 2017 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Borne de recharge portable]

parfait! efficace et portatif, remplace avantageusement une borne fixe
juste prévoir des adaptateurs supplémentaires pour faire face à (presque) toutes les situations

By (ROSNAY, France) on 15 Dec. 2016 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

chargeur mode 2

le materiel est super et vous etes une societe serieuse
je vous recommanderai des que possible

By (SAINT MAX, France) on 05 July 2016 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :



Merci pour votre avis sur notre boutique. Ce sont les adaptateurs:
TRI 16A: http://www.e-station-store.com/fr/accessoires-evr/38-adaptateur-cee-16-amperes-5-broches-pour-evr3-max-22-kw.html
MONO 220V: http://www.e-station-store.com/fr/accessoires-evr/39-adaptateur-prise-schuko-pour-evr3-max-22-kw.html

Shop owner reply on 05 July 2016
By (Süderdeich, Germany) on 11 Jan. 2016 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :


Good Quality, good experience since Sept. 16 with the smaller unit!
Would recommend your products!

By (Sachsenheim, Germany) on 30 Sept. 2015 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

good product

I installed this in my Garage to charge E-Golf and E-uP, it works perfect and was easy to install, just like Plug and play !

By (PIMORIN, France) on 26 July 2015 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

Le Top de la borne mobile!

Le temps de charge est un problème réel pour la mobilité électrique.
Je voulais depuis longtemps fabriquer moi-même une borne polyvalente pour ma Smart 22kw, car je roule beaucoup.
Et j'ai trouvé cet EVR3.
Ce produit m'a considérablement facilité mes déplacements chez mes clients qui sont en grande majorité des industriels disposant de triphasé accessible dans leurs ateliers, donc je charge chez mes clients entre 10 et 25 AMP, soit entre 7 et 17 kW le temps de mes rendez-vous.
Grace à cet EVR3 j'ai déjà réussi à faire 475km dans une seule journée avec ma SmartED.
Merci à E-Station pour leur livraison rapide.

By (Soleuvre, Luxemburg) on 25 July 2015 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

Works perfectly with Golf GTE

The Golf can only charge with 1 phase, but i bought the bigger charger so i can keep it if i change to another car in the future.
The GTE is charging with 16A, and it's fully charged after 2h15.
The CEE cable could be 50cm longer

Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative.
In charging stations which comply with Mode 2 according to IEC 61851-1, the control box on the cable (the circuit board) must be within 30 cm. of the power plug (CEE).
For this reason, all Mode 2 and CE Mark charging stations have a box fitted near the power plug containing the electronic control unit, because correct earth contact cannot be checked in the cable section that connects the plug to the electronics, which is essential for the safety of users.
Therefore the maximum allowed length of the input cable is 30cm.

Shop owner reply on 28 July 2015
By (Sexau, Germany) on 13 Feb. 2015 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :

Sehr flexible, einfach zu bedienende Ladestation

Ich habe die EVR3 mit 22KW seit 3 Monaten im Einsatz bei meinem ZOE. Funktioniert perfekt. Sehr ordentlich verarbeitet. Sehr flexibel einzusetzen. Maximaler Ladestrom ist einfach einzustellen. Kabellänge 7,5m ist gut. Der Service bei ELPA bei Rückfragen ist sehr gut und schnell. Anleitung ist zwar nur in EN und IT verfügbar, wird aber kaum benötigt. Das Gerät ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Fi Typ B muss aber in der Zuleitung vorgesehen werden. Ist wohl nicht integriert. Preislich mit 950 Euro incl. Wandhalterung nicht ganz günstig. Wandhalterung aber dazu bestellen. Die passt richtig gut. Alles in allem wirklich eine empfehlenswerte Ladestation.

By (Junglinster, Luxemburg) on 08 Aug. 2014 (EVR3 - Type 2 - max 22 kW [Portable charging station]) :


I give the EVR3 5 stars:
- The first three go to it's developer, which made in my opinion, a real great job. The EVR3 is portable (compared to a wall-mounted wall-box) and very flexible regarding the input (using some adapters) and output!
- The last two stars go to e-station for being super responsive and performing a really fast shipping.

A year ago, I bought the first version of the EVR1 with all possible adapters. It stays for emergency situations in my Renault Zoé, while the EVR3 will replace my 3,7kW/h wall-box - at least for those moments I need a quick recharge ;-)


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