Wallbox with Type 2 socket

Wall Boxes, or wall-mounted charging stations, are safe and compatible with all electric car models and are ideal for those who want to charge their electric vehicle at home or in the company or offer a charging service to customers or visitors.
These charging stations comply with Mode 3 of the international IEC 61851-1 standard and are suitable for installation in any location (public or private).

Main features:

- Universal charging socket Type 2 (IEC 62196).
- Charging current adjustable from 6A to 32A.
- Integrated DC 6mA (so no need for a Type B residual current circuit breaker).
- Optional ON/OFF key.
- Easy to install and use, very reliable product.
- 3-year warranty

Easy Charger Single-phase (T2 socket) max. 7.4 kW (32A 230V)

614,00 + VAT

Electric vehicle charging station Mode 3 according to IEC 61851-1
Charging socket type 2
Manual adjustment of charging power
Power from 1.4 kW to 7.4 kW (6A - 32A 230V single-phase)
Free access (ON/OFF key optional)